The Power In Our Platform

Mission Statement:
  For our Team… foster a platform that maximizes our people's ability to grow professionally and personally.  For our Customers & Public… foster a platform that maximizes our team’s ability to serve our Customers & Public.  

Core Values of Our Platform:

  • Strength of Team – A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Each member of Swingline's team is held personally accountable to each other as transportation professionals. The character of our company will be a reflection of the character of our people.
  • Pursuit of Excellence in Safety & Customer/Public Service
    • Our team will pursue ongoing progress towards a World Class Safety Culture
    • Our team is committed to achieving World Class Customer & Public Service
  • Business Growth – Swingline will provide and support a platform that enables our People & Owner Operators to achieve business growth.
    • As an Owner Operators of Swingline, our team will work to equip you with the industry's premier tools, resources and team expertise to achieve your goals & maximize your business’ potential.
    • Our team will be equipped with the tools & resources to support the core mission and values of our business.
  • Personal Growth – Swingline will provide and support a platform that encourages a work-life balance.   
  • Evolve –The Transportation environment is fast moving and changes regularly. The Swingline team is held accountable to embrace and comply with change so we all can progress towards a bigger future and stay focused on hauling freight profitably.  
  • Owner Operator Centric – "The Power" in our Platform is our Owner Operators! Our company success is driven by our Owner Operators success and we do not take this responsibility lightly!   
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Established in 2011, Swingline Transport, LLC is a privately held North American Motor Carrier based in
Cedar Rapids, IA with Safety & Administration based in Columbus, OH.

DOT# 2173579 MC# 754924

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